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Word Nerd - Susin Nielsen

The book word nerd by susin Nielsen is about a boy named ambrose  who says the wrong things at the worst possible moments and he is described as a  nerd , his mom is overprotective  and does not let ambrose do something dangerous or basically anything . Ambrose's dad died when he was a baby . Ambrose and his mom (Irene) move often because ambrose has troubles at school and irene change jobs . They just move to a basement of a  greek couple(the Es) , ambrose to a new school that he got out fast because some children played a prank on him and nearly killed him, so he had to study at home  . The Es had a son in jail (Cosmo) that when he left prison breast ambrose did not want ambrose to approach him because she thought Cosmo was  bd influence nd person but she was wrong . Ambrose was friendly and curious so he started to talk Cosmo and as the time passed they became best friends .Cosmo had a friend and he owed him money  but he said he’ll pay him . Ambrose convinced Cosmo to take him to a scrabble club because they both liked to play it , at first cosmo didn’t want to but after he met Amanda he changed his mind , so they kept on going to the club every saturday . Cosmo and Amanda became a couple after a while . Cosmo and Ambrose were pretty good at playing scrabble so Amanda enrolled them in a tournament that will be the following saturday . Ambrose didn’t know what to do because his mom didn’t work that saturday and he has been  hiding all about the club and he knew that if he’d ask her she’ll say no , But he was so lucky that his mom had to work that saturday . Saturday cme , they played in the tournament and won most of their games because they were good at playing . Went they went back home Silvio and his friends were waiting for cosmo to give them their money , and they started  fight with cosmo when Irene was passing by and after the police came and took Cosmo and Silvio to the police station. Now Ambrose had to explain all to his mom so he decided to flee to another place , after one day the police found him putting a business of playing scrabble without a license and told him to call his dad to pick him up so he called Cosmo who had already had  gotten out and he came to pick him up and his mom was with him .when they reached home they resolved the problems and lies forgave and Irene realized that Cosmo was a good person after all. Everyone lived in peace .

The book “word nerd” has a connection to the world because there are a lot of kids who suffer of bully because maybe they are Nerds” but it doesn’t really matter if they are or not they have to be treated as normal people because they are normal people just like everyone and because like Ambrose everyone had said or did something that they will probably regret in the future or laugh about .This book has a personal connection to me because it brings back memories of some silly things that i did in the past and some that i might regret now and that as Ambrose i didn’t like school because kids annoyed me so i rather stayed home than attend to school but this book had made me think of things in a different perspective like everything happens for  a good reason after all for example Ambrose moved often and that was a good thing because he found a great friend that shared good moments with him.

I will recommend this book  to all kind of people because it's really interesting even though the cover doesn’t seen like it ,it really is and after you read it ,it keeps on getting more and more interesting and you don’t want to stop reading it  , also it's  a really good story  that some may relate to ,in many different ways or with the different characters .My opinion of this book is that it was really good even though at first i didn't want to read it ,but then i didn’t want to stop reading and i learned not to judge people by their appearances because some characters of this book were judged by the way they looked and just because they had a dark past doesn’t mean you still a bad person , you have to learn to give others an opportunity.